The return of styles is a style choice

You may have noticed that for a few years now, the minimalist and all-white vein in interior design has been dying out, while people are returning to appreciate and desire furnishing accessories with a retro flavor, warmer colors and “softer” surfaces.

A thousand ways for Millerighe

Easy to imagine but difficult to achieve, the Millerighe – Thousand stripes- is an essential pattern, which gives surfaces a precious feel without detracting from them, on the contrary enhancing the purity of the object’s design.
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Working is collaborating

At the risk of sounding rhetorical, we want to say that we are proud to work and have worked with enlightened designers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

Now and always CHEVRON… or what?

If there were a decorative motif to be elected as the most widespread in space and time, it would certainly be CHEVRON.

Lipstick Holder- A reffillable pack from the past to the future

Come primo “ritrovamento” dell’archivio Renzetti 1909, abbiamo scelto un portarossetto dei primi del Novecento.

Renzettis Lost And Found. Smart objects from the past that should come back

We decided to show you through our Instagram page some special objects from the Renzetti 1909 Milano archive.

Time found again: object life and a return to quality and longevity

This past year and a half has allowed many people time to look inside their closets and old boxes. What we have found in the Renzetti Archives…

What’s that glow that attracts us?

Many of you will remember that soft glow of items that belonged to a parent or grandparent such as a lighter, cigarette case, pen or picture frame. But how were they made and why?

Company Profile: an overview at your fingertips

We have created a document that can be consulted on-line to communicate the fundamental characteristics and potential of our work at the service of Italian and international design.

We inaugurate 2021 with the opening of our social media pages

After almost a year spent with only the company of our antique machinery, we are very eager to let anyone interested in design know more about guilloché and to share new projects.