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Cookies: what they are, finality, use

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your computer at any time. This file contains information of various types that adapt to the functionality of a site where you can find online purchases or personalization of messages according to your preferences. There are different types of cookies, which are classified according to their characteristics and how to use them:


Session Cookie / Permanent Cookie

Session cookies are stored temporarily in the computer memory, while visiting a site (for example to keep track of the selected language). Session cookies are stored for a short period of time, and deleted when the browser is closed.


Persistent cookies, on the other hand, remain on the computer for a long period of time, depending on the expiry time set when the cookie is generated. These cookies allow websites to keep information in memory even during subsequent visits of the user, for example by avoiding having to enter their login credentials again.

First-party cookies / Third-party cookies

First-party cookies are set by the sites themselves (with the same domain as the one indicated in the browser’s address bar) and can only be read by those sites. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are set by domains other than those indicated in the browser’s address bar, ie by organizations that do not correspond to website owners. For example, these cookies used to collect information for advertising purposes and personalization of content, as well as to track visits to the site, may be “third-party cookies”.

Technical cookies / profiling cookies

Technical cookies are essential for the proper functioning of a website or an application: without them the site may not work properly or completely prevent certain functions.

Profiling cookies are used to collect and store information about the visitor (for example the pages visited, the searches carried out, etc.) in order to offer more targeted advertising messages in line with their interests.

How to manage cookies

Cookies can be limited or blocked by changing the settings of your browser.

For more details, please consult the browser guide used by your computer for internet browsing.

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